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Situations of Need and Adversity


Bankruptcy and Reorganization


Marital Dissolution—Divorce

Marital dissolution is a major force in determining the need for a business valuation. Many cases involving divorce will require a business valuation for each marital partner. Determining an accurate assessment of value may minimize the need for litigation. If litigation is required, a variety of valuation issues must be considered. Issues include intrinsic value versus fair value, personal goodwill, fair and reasonable owner's salary, discounts and premiums for minority versus control positions, and lack of marketability to sell the business.






Management Support





Business Plans

Business valuators provide valuable assistance in developing a comprehensive business plan for new and well-established businesses. Expert financial analysis allows company managers to confidently focus on their business goals and be responsible to new opportu­nities and change. Business valuators may also be helpful in reviewing and assessing busi­ness plans of companies that offer an investment or partnership opportunity. Prospective investors may gain further perspective and insight as to the value of the business opportunity.





 Strategic and Market Analysis

Detailed market analysis will help the business owner or management better focus market­ing resources. Making solid strategic decisions for the future will help ensure the long-term viability of the business enterprise. Advanced analysis and forecasting of market supply and demand, production capacity, market share and competitive pricing will assist manage­ment in organizing and interpreting data leading to a solid business plan of action. Decisions regarding expansion, locations, split-ups/spin-offs of business units, or new busi­ness unit creation will be simplified through strategic analysis by the business valuation pro­fessional. Determining depth and breadth of existing management can facilitate increased operational efficiencies and leverage existing management resources.














Uses of


     Valuation Services:



Tax Purposes

■   Adequacy of Life Insurance
■   Allocation of Acquisition Price
■   Charitable Contributions
■   Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
■   Estate and Gift Taxes
■   Executive Compensation
■   Gifting Programs


Litigious Situations

■   Disruption of a Business
■   Dissenting Shareholder Actions
■   Divorce
■   Economic Loss Analysis
■   Partner Disputes
■   Eminent Domain
■   Mediation and Arbitration
■   Wrongful Death


Business Reasons

■   Buy/Sell Agreements
■   Mergers and Acquisitions
■   Fairness Opinions
■   Financing
■   Bankruptcy and Foreclosures
■   Liquidation or Reorganization
■   Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
■   Franchise Valuation or Evaluation
■   Sale/Purchase of a Business
■   Split-ups/Spin-offs
■   Succession Planning



Management Support

■   Business Plans
■   Strategic and Market Analysis
■   Lease versus Buy
■   Incentive Stock Options
■   Performance Measurement

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