We’re a consulting firm, pure and simple.



Financial analysis

including strategic planning, cash flow evaluation, and  investment analysis.


Merger and acquisition analysis

 including asset purchase, equity purchase, asset write-ups, and structured buy-outs.


Impact analysis

including studies of financial impact of labor benefits, corporate growth, market shifts, etc.


Business start-ups.


Bank loan preparation.


Budgets and forecasts.


Business expansions.


Selection and implementation of accounting system (manual and computerized.)


Lease/buy evaluations.


Business valuation.


Turnaround assistance (analysis for troubled companies during or before Chapter 11 or 13.)


Software selection and review.


Computer selection and review.


Litigation support.

Havard & Associates is a financial consulting firm providing services for businesses of all sizes. We are a consulting firm, pure and simple! Our sole purpose is to help you more effectively manage your business.


Our professionals have experience in marketing, personnel, manufacturing systems, accounting systems and data processing. We’ve helped companies in such diverse industries as health care, public utilities, construction, transportation, banking and automotive.


Havard & Associates is often asked exactly how we fit into a client’s business. So we’ve prepared this brochure to explain in a short, concise way how we can help you get a handle on the financial and cost aspects of your business.


Here are some questions business owners and managers have asked us:


"I’m thinking of starting a new business. How can you help us?"

"We want to investigate a new product line. How can you help us?"

Business start-ups and expansions are a specialty of our firm. If your company is new, we’ll analyze items such as your venture or working capital needs; prepare your proforma; even work with you on how much to estimate for office supplies, postage and telephone calls.

We discover those important details that may down the road determine if your company is going to succeed or not. For example, one company forgot to consider freight charges on materials bought FOB shipping point. They forgot to include the effect of collections of accounts receivable on their cash flow. Both were major components of the projected budget. New companies often do not realize how high the cost of capital, equipment, installation or distribution can be. If your company is growing, Havard & Associates will help you analyze how expansion affects it. Should one product grow over another? At what point is a third shift practical? Or a new plant? If this market expands, what will happen over here? Are we ready for another distribution center? Where should it be?


We can help you effectively plan for your optimal growth.


"What is the worth of a company I’d like to buy?"

We can quickly and completely perform a business valuation for you. And, we can look at its worth under different market and/ or economic

conditions. Valuing a company may deal with areas such as minority buyouts, stock transfers and evaluations for tax purposes. Valuations for public offering, estate and gift taxes, merger and acquisitions are just a few examples of different types of valuations. We use a cash flow approach to value your business using sophisticated computer techniques that would be close to impossible to do by hand.  Havard & Associates works closely with your C.P.A. in pointing out areas of potential problems. We put the financial data together and can even assist in the negotiations.


"Why does our company need you? We already have a C.P.A."

We work closely with C.P.A. firms and, in fact, get many referrals from them. We enhance the work they do. For example, your banker requires a proforma statement from you. Then, at a later time, he asks for different variables so you need another proforma. We quickly provide one because information is already stored in one of our computers. Our name and credibility is known in the community. If your banker hasn’t heard of us, then your C.P.A. or attorney probably has.


"Everybody seems to be a computer software or hardware  consultant today."

We have to agree with you there. One thing you may like to know about us is we are completely independent. We don’t profit from the sales of any software packages, and we’re not distributors for hardware. We have no vested interest in any of our recommendations to you except seeing that your company has the proper software/hardware combination.


We are a consulting firm, pure and simple!


"Exactly what is business modeling?"

Modeling is an attempt to represent reality. For example, architects use model buildings to plan their work. Business models are used to forecast outcomes in the future. Different scenarios are constructed so consequences of a particular action in a variety of situations can be observed.



"I know this is pretty sophisticated stuff. Isn’t modeling something

only larger companies can use?"

Absolutely not. A business model helps you evaluate your company. You examine alternative courses of action for different market and/ or economic market conditions. This leads to better decision making and organizational productivity.  You don’t know anything about models or computers as we can construct and maintain the model on our computer. It’s available whenever you need it.  One critical new area for business financial modeling is in labor negotiations. With our help, you can determine the impact an increase or decrease in a particular benefit has on the overall profitability of the company.


In Conclusion


We have briefly touched upon some of the questions people have asked us. A full outline of our services to business is on the cover.


Remember, you need the most complete information you can possibly have. Our expertise helps you achieve it. By using the powerful mathematical, economic and statistical models Havard & Associates has developed, you see all the variables analyzed in any situation.  Don’t short-change yourself or your company in this complex, rapidly changing business world of ours.  Please feel free to call us with your specific questions on how Havard & Associates may help you.



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