Benefits Offered by the Business Valuator



Business valuation professionals provide many intangible benefits to their clients.



Some of the benefits provided include:


Determination of Value   Selecting the most appropriate approach to determine value based on the purpose of the business valuation engagement.
Professional Affiliations  Many reputable business valuators are members of professional organizations.
Confidentiality   Engaging business valuation services assures that the details of your business remain confidential.
Litigation Support   Minimizing the potential risk of litigation is a primary objective.  In the event litigation is unavoidable, the valuator can assist as an expert witness or recommend another qualified expert.
Third-Party Objectivity Avoiding problems that can arise from questions of independence and objectivity is critical to ensuring a credible valuation. Compliance with Standards of Professional Practice provides assurance that the business valuator will treat your engagement consistently and without bias.
Specialized Training Business valuation services are provided by professionals who are specifically trained through specialized educational programs, including those provided by NACVA.
Certifications    Many top business valuators have received special recognition by obtaining one of the premier business valuation designations offered through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.


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